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Shamsi Ali

I pray this message reaches you in good health and with Allah’s mercy and protection. Amin!

Just wanted to briefly remind ourselves, as the Covid19 has become more prevalent and declared by WHO as a global pandemic, the following:

1. It pandemic  is real and serious. But we don’t have to panicking. While continue to trust Allah, the Controller of the heaven and the earth, take every possible step to protect ourselves  and the community/neighbors. 

2. As the experts have told that washing hands, faces, etc., is the best way to prevent, we encourage you all to keep your wudhu (ablution) as many times as possible during the day.  Muslims are praying five times daily with ritual wash certainly. But if possible renew your wudhu as often as possible.

3. We encourage you not to travel if that is not necessary …(just for leisure for instance). We strongly remind you not to travel to any impacted areas. And if possible don’t  Asian airlines if you have to travel.

4. Minimize public gatherings. Shorten our stay in the masajid for the time being. Stay in the masajid as just necessarily needed.

6. Keep in touch with your physicians as close and as often as possible. 

7. Keep eyes on your kids. And make sure to wash their hands upon arrival from their schools. 

8. Continue learn about the virus and what to do to prevent its further spreading to our community. 

9. Consume all necessary foods and supplements that may improve your immune system. Ask the physicians about it. 

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10. Pray to Almighty Allah for protection and way out from this pandemic virus…..He is the Controller of all and in His hands the dominion of the Heavens and the earth. Do’a is powerful. Never under estimate! May Allah the Almighty keep and protect us all from any harms. Amin.

Above the land, 9 February 2020

Shamsi Ali 

Jamaica Muslim Center-NY

Nusantara Foundation, Inc.

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