Behind All Challenges Lie Opportunities

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Staying home in almost, if not 24 hours daily is truly challenging for some. We used to get out from homes and socialize with friends. We used to go to our work places, greet friends and fellow co-workers. Now we have to adjust our selves 90 degrees.

Imagine waking up in the morning, and as usual you wanted to begin begin active day by showering, eating breakfast, taking on your daily outfit, and leaving your home. 

And all of a sudden, you wake up and feel like you have nothing to do. What a lonely moment for some!

For some people it may create certain tension in minds, or even some degrees of anger and frustration. And so what to do to face this challenging time?

The most important and fundamental thing to do is changing your mindset!

Be fully mindful that challenge of any type in life is an integral part of life itself and that nothing is permanent in life but the One Who created life.

Be sure that this challenging moment will pass and a better replacement will arrive. Continue to be strong, bold, hopeful and optimistic that ‘at the end of the tunnel there is a shining light’.

Then do the following:

First, be fully aware that the time you have at the moment is equally precious as the time you had in the past. Take it and utilize it with seriousness and responsibility. Be aware, with or without Corona, still we will be accountable for how we spent our time in our next life (Akhirat).

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Second, behind all challenges lie opportunities. Behind each difficulty there is an ease. All things happen by an absolute ‘divine decision’ and by wisdom known or unknown to us. Be certain that have been prepared for you with wisdom.

Third, for those of us who used to live villages in the past, staying home is really not a big deal. There was a time that there was no electricity, no highway, no phone and no TV. During those days staying home was a normal thing to do. It was the time we gathered with  our family members, dined together, slept together in our simple homes. Early in the morning we woke up with the birds singing and the sun shining.

Use this moment to regain those memories. Sadly, these days we have been deeply disconnected from one another. It’s tremendously difficult to find a real time with our family. We are connected mostly virtually by social media. The time has come to bring us back to being connected in reality with our family members.

Fourth, social distancing is not a social disconnection. We may not meet face to face. But with all modern tools that God has prepared for us we can continue connecting ourselves to one another at all the time. Continue your communication and relationships. Connect with friends spiritually by praying for one another.

Fifth, always begin your day with your Creator, the One Who controls the heavens and the earth. Turn your selves in submission to Him. Put your trust fully in Him. Embolden your faith that nothing can happen without His permission, and no without reasons He intended. 

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This will make your day shining with joy, peace and happiness. You may miss your friends around you, but you are in the company of the One who manages your life and has full control over it.

Sixth, these days we are familiarized with new terminology: SELF QUARANTINE” or “QUARANTINE TIME”.  No worry! Let’s make out of it positively by turning it into: “QURANTIME”. Time to be closer to Allah. To be closer to Rasulullah. To be closer to Allah’s Book and the Sunnah of Rasulullah.

Use your time for good. Read books as much as you can. Or learn something new even just from your smart phones. Don’t let your phones outsmart you. Or simply reflect and put it in writing as what you are reading now.

Seventh, as many more cities or countries are locked down, our friendship and social solidarity is being tested. It is a time to value friendship, brotherhood & sisterhood. Always keep and grow in mind the need to do something good for others. Grow your sense of solidarity and responsibility.

And at this challenging time, the best way to do good to others is by restraining ourselves from leaving our homes unnecessarily. Stay home, sleep well, play with your kids, watch your movies, and still you are doing great righteousness for others….

Isn’t it truly a blessing?

Salam to all my friends, far and near. Du’aa bi du’aa (pray for one another). Amin!

Jamaica Hills, March 24, 2020

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